Guitars, Hot Rods and Rock & Roll

Chopperkings unique sound could be described as a soulful rock swagger with just a toke of outlaw country. This is skillfully showcased on their ambitious, two new albums : Built to Rock and Built to Roll. Together, the two records tell an unvarnished tale of the open road, and what it’s like to live life on the edge, full throttle.

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The story behind Chopperkings

Hailing from Los Angeles, Chopperkings began their career as a bunch of unpretentious guys with affection for Guitars, Hot Rods and Rock and Roll. Their sound has evolved over the years, fattened and filled out, but their core remains simple: a high energy, high octane show with great songs and a loose, anything goes roadhouse like atmosphere.

“We feel putting one album out without the other would be like telling only half the story of this band.”
Chopper Phillips
Lead singer, guitarist and chief songwriter.


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Built to Rock features gritty, adrenalin fueled ‘ground and pound rockers’ like Hit the Road and No Time to Waste.

With raw and powerful guitar riffs, hard driving drums, soulful organ & piano, held together with a “big-bottom rock solid bass”, Built to Rock is pure horsepower. Its companion record, Built to Roll, is by no means soft. Its tough, but with grooving, Rock Blues ballads like Wild & Loose and Can’t Wait that Long, its also sweet and melodic The guitar playing harkens back to early Clapton, Gilmour and Page.

Chopperkings are ready to play their pumped-up brand of Biker Rock and Hot Rod Culture to festivals, theaters and arena-sized audiences across the world. With their deep set lists, the band has been known to muscle through three hours of songs. They feel at home in front of a crowd of people who love music and want to have a great time. Never predictable, their show is part jam, part blues revival and most importantly, all rock!


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